Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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We will have 4 teams arriving Friday and another 2 on Saturday morning!!!  Are you ready??!!
CCSC is located on Rt. 6A with over 65 acres of land right on beautiful Cape Cod Bay.
Parking and Check-in
Once at the camp, follow the parking signs.  Then proceed to the Pavilion for check-in. Athletes will receive cabin assignments then. 
Food Restrictions and Allergies
If your athlete has any food restrictions or allergies, please let me know. You can email me at  .  You will also need to repeat and affirm said restriction at check-in. Kitchen staff will be available during meals to answer to questions.  Chefs are prepared to make to meet the needs of allergies, gluten free, vegetarians, etc.
We will have a nurse on staff Friday night through Saturday checkout. If your athlete has medications that need to be dispensed, please let us know. We can safely store the medications with the nurse, and have the athlete get medications at the appropriate time.  Athletes should keep inhalers and epipens with them at all times.
4pm-6pm Check-in at Pavilion. Meet coaches. Cabin Assignments. Unpack. Get Uniforms.
4:30pm Team building events, activities, scavenger hunt,
Meet at Mini Field (Campus center outside of Pavilion)
6:30pm  Dinner
7:15pm All camp meeting in amphitheater (please come dressed for practices)
7:30pm First Session Begins
            Field 1: High school and U13
            Field 2: U15 teams
8:45pm Campfire on the Beach
9:45pm  Cabin Check-in
10pm   Lights out
7:30am-8:30am Breakfast
8:30am Morning Meeting at amphitheater
8:45am Second Session Begins
Field 1: U15 teams
Field 2: High School Team
Mini Field: U13 Team 
9:45am Break
10:15    Check Out of Cabins. Bags to Pavilion
10:30    Team Building Exercises - Meet at Mini field
11         Special Skills Electives SESSION 1 (Draws, Crease Defense, Fakes and Checking, Free Position shots, Cutting, Goalie training)
11:30    Special Skill Electives SESSION 2 (Goalie clears, Defensive Slides, Free position shots, Transition, Fakes and Checking, Motion attack)
12pm   Lunch and free time (Pool, basketball, tennis)
1:15pm Third Session Begins
            Field 1: U13
            Field 2: High School
            Beach Lacrosse: U15 teams (meet at mini field)
2:30pm: Fourth Session Begins
            Field 1:  Summer Aces and Boston Aces U15 Round Robin Games
            Field 2:   Summer Aces U13 v. Boston Aces U13
            High School Team Beach Lacrosse
3:45      Wrap Meeting for everyone at the Pavilion
Parents of U15 and U13 players are welcome to arrive early to watch the scrimmage.
What to Bring
Each camper should bring ONE overnight bag (in addition to your equipment bag).  The overnight bag could include the following:
  • Toiletries for washing, shower, teeth, hair ties, feminine products, and the like
  • Pajamas or clothes to sleep in
  • 3 sets of playing shorts, socks, t-shirt, sports bras and underwear
  • Extra underwear, bras and socks
  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • Hat/Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen (camper responsible to apply)
  • Bug Spray (camper responsible to apply)
  • Raincoat (we play in the rain)
  • Swim Shoes (optional)
  • Whatever else you want to bring that can fit in one bag that your athlete can easily carry.
Keep in mind, at the discretion of our staff, any inappropriate possessions can and will be confiscated and discarded and/or returned to adults at the end of your stay. Coaches are not permitted to disburse advil, tylenol, etc. to players.
  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Cleats (grass fields)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Tryout Pinneys
  • Other optional equipment (Gloves, helmet, etc.)
BEDDING: Ideally these items could fit into your athlete's bag
Each bed has a clean top sheet and fitted bottom sheet.
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
Kings Lacrosse will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.  All campers are responsible to care for their possessions.  With that said, please don’t bring valuables and care for the items you do bring such as phones, ipads, computers, electronics, etc.
We look forward to kicking-off the summer at Team Camp and having a blast.  Everyone must realize that inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products, including vapors, are not permitted. Please know if the situation is severe enough, Kings Lacrosse reserves the right to remove any player from camp and/or the club without refund.
I will have my cell phone on me during camp, but I will not be easily accessible. If there is an emergency, I can be reached at 617-851-5697. Cape Cod Sea Camps can be reached at  508.896.3451Girls will have outlets in the cabin to charge phones, but they will be encouraged not to carry phones around camp. We want players to be present and actively engaged. 
WE ARE ASSUMING EVERY PLAYER WILL BE PRESENT AT CAMP.  If your athlete is unable to attend, or can only be present for Friday or Saturday, please email me and let me know.  
We look forward to having a great weekend, see you in Brewster!!!!  If anyone needs to communicate with me leading up to or during the weekend, please use the contact info below in my signature. All other information about practices and tournaments can be found online at under Summer Only tab.